Devil’s Brain

The Devil's Brain is an appropriately named hybrid cross of a Bhut Jolokia and an unknown Brainstrain. This pepper had one of the fiercest burns of the 2020 season to go along with an excellent flavor profile. More details below

Each seed pack contains at least 17 seeds.

Product Details

As noted above, this is a cross between a Bhut Jolokia and unknown variant of a Brainstrain. And if ever there was a pepper that displayed distinct traits of both parental lines, it’s the Devil’s Brain. The shape is that of your standard ghost pepper and the blistered, gnarly skin echoes the Brainstrain lineage.

The flavor is more in line with a Bhut Jolokia while the heat resides firmly in the upper echelon of the hottest Brainstrains. This thing is a tongue wrecker to say the least. The heat hits immediately and lasts a good long while.

With regard to the plant, I grew mine in a five gallon, self-watering bucket arrangement. The plant was fairly compact and not overly large as a result, maybe two feet tall and just as wide around. That said, the smallish plant produced a solid number of fruit – 35 ripened fruit before I stopped keeping track.

These seeds were harvested from ripened fruit throughout the 2020 growing season.